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TechBait Origin:

My name is Tom Connelly. I have worked in the software industry since around 1994. I always loved computers, but I decided to go into it as a profession when I realized that mom and dad’s dreams of me being a doctor or a lawyer were just not going to happen because that just wasn’t my calling. I wish it was, as I would have had a much better pay day.

C’est la vie!

Techbait started a long time ago as an internal email newsletter which I used to send to colleagues at a software company where I was employed. It was mainly tech news stories and industry topics which I found interesting. I was a bit fearful that people rolled their eyes when it came around, so I stopped doing it for a bit. When I stopped, a few senior managers mentioned in passing that they missed it, so I continued writing them for a while. I slowly stopped sending the emails, but set up a cheesy website pulling in some RSS feeds. I also threw up some banner ads. I never made any money from the ads, and the feeds were less than perfect.

I am going to revive this with a spiffy WordPress blog. I will include both RSS populated posts, some commercial ads of a techie nature, as well as posts on current tech events penned by me.

For whatever reason you are here and whatever information that you get from this site, thanks for visiting, please share the information out, and come again!