Huawei still thinks 6-inch phablets is the way to go

It’s been well over a year since Huawei launched its premium Mate 7 phablet, and as of August, over five million units have been sold worldwide. That’s far more impressive than the original goal of just one million phones. While the smaller Mate S has since been released, the company still believes in sticking to […]

Lara Croft’s awesome mobile adventure adds a free tomb to raid

Lara Croft has a pretty big adventure on Xbox One this fall with Rise of the Tomb Raider, but her grand mobile mission is about grow too. Developer Square Enix Montreal announced it’s dropping “The Shard of Life” expansion for Lara Croft GO tomorrow for free on Android and iOS (sorry, Windows Phone folks) with […]

This Raspberry Pi handheld wants to be every gadget in the world

Chances are, you’ve already got a versatile computer in your pocket — smartphones play music, record video, play games and more — but what if it was smaller, open source and completely hackable? Then you’d have something like the Poco “supercomputer,” a portable media device with the footprint of a credit card and the heart […]

Upcoming History Book Examines The Legend of Zelda’s US Localization

By Steven Strom The Legend of Zelda‘s dubious English translation is getting its very own history book this December. The text comes courtesy of professional and hobbyist translator Clyde “Tomato” Mandelin. His online series, Legends of Localization, examines the cultural and language barriers within localized games. Legends of Localization Book 1: The Legend of Zelda […]

Comic Book Reviews for November 25, 2015

By Jesse Schedeen and Joshua Yehl Just because it’s Thanksgiving week in the US doesn’t mean comic book publishers took a break. Several big releases hit the stands today, most notably DC’s sales juggernaut The Dark Knight Returns III: The Master Race #1. Marvel added several new titles to the growing All-New, All-Different Marvel lineup, […]

Classic Team Lotus Cars, Historic Tracks Come to Project CARS

By Luke Reilly Slightly Mad Studios has delivered its latest batch of DLC for its expanding racing sim Project CARS. The Classic Lotus Track Expansion contains four iconic Team Lotus racing machines, plus three historic racetracks. The cars include the 1967 Lotus Type 51, the 1965 Lotus Type 40 Ford, the 1966 Lotus Type 38 […]

Pokemon Picross Release Date Announced

By Nicole Carpenter Pokemon Picross is slated for release on December 3 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, according to Pokemon’s official site. Pokemon Picross will be available free of charge, but players can purchase (with real money, Nintendo notes) “picrites”—which are described as “rare stones with magical powers.” Picrates are used to unlock levels and […]

Harrison Ford Heading to Sydney for Star Wars Fan Event

By Alex Osborn The Sydney Opera House is hosting a Star Wars: The Force Awakens fan event, and Harrison Ford will be in attendance. The Optus-presented event will open on Thursday, December 10 at 4pm. The festivities will be family friendly, and feature trivia, music, and “immersive Star Wars experiences.” In addition to the Han […]

Indie Darling Fez Gets a $100 Limited Edition

By Steven Strom Fez, the first and very likely only game from Polytron Corporation, is getting a $100 limited edition. “The Fez Limited Edition features a hardcover notebook bound in red canvas with debossed gold foil inlay presented in a matching slipcase, ready to be filled with details of your journey into the 3rd dimension,” […]

Uncharted 4 Cast Heading to PlayStation Experience

By Alex Osborn PlayStation Experience 2015 will be home to a number of developer-centric panels, including one featuring the cast of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. According to Naughty Dog’s announcement on PlayStation Blog, the panel will “discuss the process of bringing the characters of Uncharted 4 to life” and showcase “never before seen cinematic […]