Play Pac-Man in your neighborhood on Google Maps right now

Sometimes it’s nice to take a day and not think about Google as a massive information gathering company in an age when personal privacy is up for political debate and information is power. I call those days “weekdays,” and today is one of them. Luckily, the massive conglomerate that is most likely to become Skynet is helping me […]

Google announces Chromebit, Chromebook Flip, $149 Chromebooks

Google has been pushing down the price of mobile computing ever since it introduced the first Chrome OS laptop (Chromebooks). Subsequently prices have continued to fall to the point where you can pick up one of these laptops for under $200. Today, they got even cheaper with two Chromebooks coming to market for $149 each. […]

Microsoft announces Surface 3 for $499

Microsoft refreshed the Surface Pro 3 nearly a year ago. The Surface 2, however, has been waiting since late 2013 for a hardware update. Now it’s finally gotten one. Today, Microsoft revealed the all-new Surface 3. It’s not a gimpy cousin of the larger Surface Pro 3, either. It’s more like a little brother now […]

Geek deals: TCL 40-inch Roku HDTV for $340

When smart TVs first started hitting the scene, the user experience was atrocious more often than not. They were slow, poorly designed, and a flat-out bad value. But thankfully, the market has matured quickly. Now, low-price sets are coming with name-brand streaming interfaces built-in, and the experience is smooth as silk. Take this 40-inch TCL […]

Details surface about Intel’s 14nm Celeron and Pentium chips for cheap PCs

Further Reading Intel unveils its next mobile maneuver: Atom x3, x5, and x7 Cherry Trail brings significantly improved graphics. But what about power consumption? Earlier this month, Intel officially announced new Atom x3, x5, and x7 chips aimed primarily at Android and Windows tablets. Those chips are all part of Intel’s Cherry Trail platform, which combines […]

Fan-made Super Mario 64 game pulled after Nintendo cries foul

Further Reading Nintendo kicks “Let’s Play” videos off YouTube then slaps ads on them Homemade videos are the best gaming ads out there, yet they’re taken down. Just a couple of days after computer science student Erik Roystan Ross released a free recreation of the first level of Nintendo’s 1996 Super Mario 64 in Unity, […]