XDedic, Underground Market For Hacked Servers, Resurfaces On Tor Domain

Reader msm1267 writes: The defunct xDedic marketplace has resurfaced again, this time on a Tor network domain. The marketplace provides a platform for buying and selling of hacked servers. Its original open web domain, xdedic[,]biz, had disappeared shortly after a June 15 Kaspersky Lab report on its activities. The original market had upwards of 70,000 hacked servers for sale from more than 400 unique sellers. It’s unknown how much inventory is being peddled on the new site, which was uncovered by researchers at Digital Shadows, who found a post on a Russian and French criminal forum pointing to a Tor domain as the new home of xDedic. The new site has the same look and feel as the old one, but Digital Shadows said accounts had not been transferred, and that there is now a $50 USD enrollment fee to join the new market.

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