When It Comes To China, Google’s Experience Still Says It All

Uber’s defeat by its local competitor in China was the latest of a string of such cases, and Google’s experience trying to establish itself there is illustrative of the challenges facing all American tech companies that aspire to dominate in that market, writes reader mirandakatz. Steven Levy writes at Backchannel:Perhaps because its market share never rose high enough, Uber did not experience the brunt of China’s regulation. Still, who’s to say what would have happened if Uber had managed to outperform Didi? If Uber’s market share topped fifty percent, would the government have sat by as a neutral observer? Would the Uber app start experiencing slowdowns? Would its drivers be stopped? Would airports welcome Didi cars and not Uber? My bet is that, mixed with disappointment at not winning the country, Uber executives might be feeling a bit relieved that such worries are now off the table. As it is, Uber has become one more casualty in China’s other wall, a towering fortress of restrictions, regulations and unfair play that keeps down American internet companies.

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