Wannabe Prime Minister Andrea Leadsom Thinks Websites Should Be Rated Like Films

An anonymous reader quotes a report fro The Register: The UK’s possible future prime minister thinks all websites should be classified with minimum age ratings, just like films. Andrea Leadsom is one of two candidates left in the race for the leadership of the Conservative Party; the winner of which will become the country’s Prime Minister. Although many are concerned with the authoritarian stance taken by her rival, Theresa May, Leadsom’s views on many topics — including the internet — have come under scrutiny following her unexpected success in the leadership election. Key among those is Leadsom’s apparent belief that the best solution to troublesome content on the internet is to have film-rating organization the British Board of Film Classification rate all websites, and have any unrated websites blocked by ISPs. [Writing in the New Statesman back in 2012, she focused, initially, on the need to protect children. “There are two sound ways to ensure that children are not exposed to dangerous or disturbing content,” she argued. “At the level of Internet Service Provider, individual sites can be blocked ‘at source’ by ISPs […] The other way is with a move away from the standard ‘.co.uk’ and ‘.com’ top level domains (TLDs) for more explicit content, to separate entirely inappropriate sections of the web.”] She argues: “Outside of cyberspace, we have bodies such as Ofcom and the British Board of Film Classification that continually work to ensure our children are not exposed to the wrong things. This could be implemented in some way online, whereby a website would have to have its content ‘rated’ before being accessible online. While it sounds like a massive leap, the majority of new websites already go through testing when they are hosted to make sure that a site is intact and that files and content are free of viruses. This would simply be adding another check to the list, and in reality it is a burden already carried by film-makers.”

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