Uber Plans To Start Monitoring Their Drivers’ Behavior

An anonymous Slashdot reader writes:
Uber “has developed a new technology that it plans on using to track driver behavior, specifically if drivers are traveling too fast or braking too harshly…” according to the San Francisco Chronicle, which writes that “Information about how a driver is performing will be shared with Uber, but will also be shared with the driver, along with safety tips on how they can improve their performance.” Uber will roll this out as an update to their app, using existing smartphone functionality, and “in some cities Uber will also monitor whether or not Uber drivers are picking up their phones (either to text or even just to look at maps) during a ride using the phone’s gyroscope.”

Ride-sharing companies seem to be growing more and more powerful. One Florida county actually received a grant to offer free Uber rides to low-income workers, and to allow the county transit authority to arrange rides for those residents without a smartphone. Uber recently even became the “official designated driving app” for Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, and published a graph suggesting Uber pickups correlate to a drop in drunk-driving arrests. And in other news, Uber rides have apparently even been used by a group of human traffickers to smuggle migrants from Central America into the United States.

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