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Trump is Launching a New Tech Group To ‘Transform and Modernize’ the US Govt

President Donald Trump announced on Monday he has signed an executive order creating a new technology council to “transfer and modernize” the U.S. government’s IT systems. From a report: The gathering is part of a new effort, called the American Technology Council, commissioned by Trump in an executive order signed this morning. The effort seeks to bring leading government officials together with Silicon Valley’s top minds in order to “transform and modernize” the aging federal bureaucracy “and how it uses and delivers information.” Trump isn’t the first sitting U.S. president to look to Silicon Valley in an attempt to bring government into the digital age. His predecessor, former President Barack Obama, similarly launched efforts like the U.S. Digital Service, which the administration billed at the time as a “startup at the White House” that sought to pair tech experts with federal agencies that needed help. Over 20 technology chief executives will attend meetings at the White House in early June to talk about improving government information technology, the report adds.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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