The Pill Robot Is Coming

Bloomberg has an article on a new project that MIT’s Daniela Rus has been working on. They have developed a “robot,” squeezed into an inch-long, 0.09-ounce pill, but it “unfolds like an origami after it’s swallowed”. This robot can be guided with a tiny magnet to remove a foreign object from the stomach or treat a wound by administering medication, the report says. The equipment to manipulate the robot is pricey, but its own components cost less than $100. The article talks about the next step in this project: Rus and her team have tested the robot in a silicon-molded prototype stomach and are seeking approval from MIT’s animal care committee to try it in pigs. She says they’re also looking to raise more money. “The experiments they’ve been doing are very promising,” says Ken Goldberg, a robotics professor at the University of California at Berkeley. Until now, he says, “nothing has been able to essentially walk inside the body.”

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