The Great Tablet Gold Rush Is Over

Earlier this month, Dell announced that it will no longer sell Android tablets. The company added that slate tablet market is “over-saturated” and is “experiencing declining demand from consumers.” The company says it will focus more on 2-in-1 — otherwise known as hybrid laptops — devices moving forward. Dell is right. According to IDC, tablet sales have fallen greatly in the last few years. Mashable goes on to say that the “great tablet gold rush is over.” From an article: Pretty much every major tablet maker’s growth fell year-over-year. Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs, the two most popular brands of tablets, were down 18.8% and 28.1%, respectively. […] In the beginning, the pitch was: The tablet is the future of computing. It’ll replace your phone and your laptop. Then it became: A small tablet will replace your smartphone. Today, the pitch: It’s good enough to replace your laptop. But only for some people, and only if you’re willing to get by with a mobile OS. Long story short: Tablets are a complete mess right now. We can’t seem to decide if we want them to replace all of our devices or only a few of them.

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