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The (6) best ways to extend your iPhone 6 battery life


We all love our iPhones.  As a result, we use them throughout the day for various tasks.  If you’re like me, you probably have a hard time putting your iPhone down for an extended period of time.  Inevitably, we end up complaining about how long the battery lasts–go figure!  Sure, battery technology is getting better and batteries are getting bigger.  However, this is the one area in which smart phones seem to lag behind in development.

Until our iPhone battery outlasts the demand we place on them, what are some of the things we can do to prolong the time in-between charging?  In no particular order, here are the (6) best ways you can extend your battery life on your new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

1.>Keep your iOS Software up-to-date

When your iPhone is running the latest software it will be running at peak performance (barring any unforeseen bugs that will eventually be squashed with the next software update anyway).

2.> Lock your home screen whenever possible

This is a big one for me.  When I check my battery usage details, the Home & Lock Screen is where I always use the largest percentage of my battery charge.  To check your detailed battery usage open up the Settings app–>General–>Usage–>Battery Usage.  The culprit is either that you have too many notifications popping up on your lock-screen all the time or, as in my case–you constantly wake up your screen as it is going to sleep because you would rather look at the screen of an active/awake phone.

3.> Adjust screen brightness

There are two ways to adjust your screen brightness.  You can select to turn on auto-brightness to allow your iPhone screen to automatically change the back-light based on the ambient conditions.  Or you can manually change the brightness of the screen.  The latter of the two has always served me well, as your screen brightness, even at half the level, will extend battery life extensively.

4.> Manage location and background services

Location-Services-batteryWhen your iPhone is allowed to use location services in the background, it will drain battery life much more quickly than when turned off.  In similar fashion, if apps are allowed to refresh in the background they will also cause battery life to drain at a faster rate.  You can manage your location services and background activity in the Settings app.



5.>Use Wi-Fi whenever possible

Accessing data on your iPhone using Wi-Fi instead of via your cellular connection uses less power.  Tip: When you access a new Wi-Fi network, allow your iPhone to remember that connection so that it will automatically connect to it the next time it is within range.

6.> Low/No Signal strength

Here is another big one.  When your iPhone is in an area with poor to no carrier signal strength, your device will continue to search for a better connection, and it will lose battery more quickly if you are simply connected to a tower with low-signal strength.  In situations like these, if you do not need to use data for extended periods of time you can simply turn on Airplane mode.  One important thing to note, though, is that while in Airplane mode you will not be able to make or receive calls.

Long term storage guidelines

Additionally, Apple has specific guidelines if you choose to store your phone for extended periods of time.  They recommend that you store your iPhone half-charged and keep it moisture free in an environment that does not exceed 90 degrees.  When an iPhone has discharged completely or is fully charged there are stresses to the battery that will shorten its full capacity. Apple-iPhone-battery-guidelines

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