Tech Workers Think Silicon Valley and Startups Are Losing Their Luster

An anonymous reader shares a Quartz report: The job site found Silicon Valley’s hold on tech workers is slipping as opportunities, and the cost of living, changes the equation for living and working in one of the priciest places in the country. “There is more opportunity for tech professionals in more places than ever before,” wrote Terence Chiu, vice president of Indeed Prime by email, citing cities such as Austin, Boston, Seattle, and New York City. “Obviously the San Francisco Bay remains the largest tech hub [but] what has made it so attractive has also made it expensive.” Indeed’s most recent survey of professional tech workers found more than 66% of tech workers say living and working in Silicon Valley is either “not that important” or “not at all important” for a career in technology. Just 12% consider it “very important.” Opinions were split on generational lines. About half of millennial tech workers say it’s important (26.5%) or very important (19%), but the number declined to 10.2% among the Boomer generation. “Seasoned talent is often searching for opportunity elsewhere,” stated the report. New employees may see the high cost of living as an acceptable tradeoff for building up a reputation and experience in the Bay Area, but that seems to fade over time.Recently, Google co-founder Sergey Brin advised people to not come to Silicon Valley to start a business for the very same reasons.

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