Tech Job Postings Are Down 40% On Popular Job Boards

Tech job postings are down 40% year-on-year, says Cameron Moll, founder of job board Authentic Jobs. He says that job volume for April 2016 was nearly half the volume of April 2015, and currently, annual job posting volume is 63% on the platform compared to 2015, and 59% compared to 2014. But wait, there is always a chance that it is only his website that is getting less popular, right? Mr. Moll adds that it’s not just his job board, but several of the competitors’ as well. From a blog post: On one hand, we’re cautious to assume that fewer jobs posted = fewer jobs available. We recognize companies have many avenues for advertising available jobs — social media, recruiters, employee word-of-mouth, company websites, etc. Companies may choose at any time to broadcast jobs through these channels instead of a job board. So, for all intents and purposes, it’s feasible the same number of jobs are available this year compared to previous years, just not on job boards. On the other hand, our volume trends have been very consistent the past four years. However, these trends are suddenly meaningless in 2016. It’s anyone’s guess what our volume will be each month regardless of what the historical data says.

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