Snapchat Introduces Memories: a Searchable, Shareable Archive of Your Snaps

Casey Newton, reporting for The Verge: At a time when its social networking rivals are racing to promote more real-time sharing, Snapchat is turning its attention to the past. The company today introduced Memories, a way of saving and sharing old snaps in a private archive inside the main app. It’s a living, social camera roll in which photos and videos can be organized, edited, and shared long after they are taken. The introduction of Memories represents a significant shift for the famously ephemeral Snapchat — and reflects the app’s growing status as the default camera for millions of users.Reporter Alex Kantrowitz says this update “will make Snapchat feel a little less raw and in-the-moment, and a little more polished and, err, stale. That’s a big deal.” In a post on BuzzFeed News, he says this update will make Snapchat more addictive. He explains why: Posts from Snapchat are regularly repurposed. On any given day, you’re likely to encounter saved snaps on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. People post snaps to other networks because they don’t want to constrain themselves to one network. But they also post them elsewhere because saving a snap to a camera roll can feel like tossing it into the abyss. Posting a snap to Instagram, however, can give it a sense of permanence and organization. By creating Memories, Snapchat is building its own home for these old snaps. Whether it’s the company’s intention or not, Memories will create an avenue within Snapchat for people to do what they’re doing with snaps outside, namely: save, organize, edit, republish. The likely result: more time inside Snapchat, less in other apps.

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