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Religion Meets Virtual Reality: Christianity-Themed VR Demo Scheduled For Easter

“Anyone looking to experience God in a brand new way will soon have his or her chance — virtually,” writes NBC News, reporting on “a new immersive faith-based virtual reality experience…part of a larger project created by L. Michelle Media called Mission VR.” An anonymous reader writes:
The company was founded “to create a signature virtual reality environment — a faith world of sorts — where dynamic, never before seen, Christian lifestyle stories and experiences could have a home.” Demos have been timed to coincide with this weekend’s Easter celebration, while the official launch happens later this spring. Viewers will apparently experience biographical stories combining VR applications and YouTube videos to showcase the power of belief. “Up until now, we’ve only been able to watch Christianity from a third person perspective — preached sermons, music videos, interviews, even reality shows…” says the founder of Mission VR. “This is the future of Christian programming.”

But one reverend told NBC that VR worlds could be dangerous because they “may take people from community and from the incarnational aspects of Christian life… [W]e always run a very serious risk that the medium overtakes the message… What we must do is guard against the use of technology through market logic where people become brands and all things spiritual become commoditized.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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