Red Hat Exec Marries A Couple At Red Hat Summit

On the second day of the Red Hat Summit this week, attendees found themselves invited to a wedding during one of the general sessions. The groom was Matt Hargrave, a Red Hat client from Texas, and, it probably goes without saying, a huge fan of the company. The bride was Shannon Montague, a sign language interpreter, and “maybe the most understanding bride ever,” jokes Slashdot reader itwbennett:
“Pushing a commit to github isn’t the same as committing to a life partner. There is no forking this project,” Red Hat EVP Paul Cormier told a Texas couple, as he united them in holy matrimony… Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst was ring bearer. You can watch the ceremony on YouTube.

“After today your relationship will have newly architected infrastructure. And, of course, collaboration is…critical.” I’m wondering if Slashdot readers can suggest more geeky marriage vows — or have any other geeky wedding stories to share.

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