QRLJacking Attack Can Bypass Any QR Login System

dinscott and an anonymous reader are reporting of a new type of attack that bypasses SQRLs or Secure, Quick, Reliable Logins: “[As detailed by Seekurity Labs researcher Mohamed A. Baset], QRLJacking (i.e. Quick Response Code Login Jacking) is a method for tricking users into effectively logging into an online account on behalf of the attacker by making them scan the wrong QR code,” reports Help Net Security. An anonymous Slashdot reader adds from a report via Softpedia: “In a Facebook post, Baset says he tested his attack on sites such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Weibo, QQ Instant Messaging, QQ Mail, Alibaba, and more,” reports Softpedia. The QRLJacking attack is nothing more than a social engineering attack that works by requesting a QR code for the service the victim is trying to log in to and modifying the QR code to send the confirmation message to the attacker’s computer. The crook can modify these login details, add the data belonging to his PC, relay the data from his phone to the default login server, and access the victim’s account from his PC. This attack needs both the attacker and the victim to be online at the same time, and can be defeated by any user that pays attention to the URL [of the page they’re logging into with an account]. Judging that it’s 2016 and people are still falling victim to phishing attacks, there’s a high chance the attack can work. Baset demonstrated the attack against a WhatsApp user in a video posted to YouTube.

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