Putin Gives Federal Security Agents Two Weeks To Produce ‘Encryption Keys’ For The Internet

An anonymous reader writes: The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has ordered the Federal Security Service (FSB) to produce “encryption keys” to decrypt all data on the internet, and the FSB has two weeks to do it, Meduza reports. The head of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, is responsible for accomplishing such a task. “The new ‘anti-terrorist’ laws require all ‘organizers of information distribution’ that add ‘additional coding’ to transmitted electronic messages to provide the FSB with any information necessary to decrypt those messages,” reports Meduza. “It’s still unclear what information exactly online resources are expected to turn over, given that all data on the internet is encoded, one way or another, and in many instances encryption keys for encrypted information simply don’t exist.” Some of the details of the executive order include requiring telecom providers and “organizers of information distribution” to store copies of the content of all information they transmit for six months and store the metadata for three years so the Kremlin can access it whenever they want. In order for that to happen, ISPs would need to build new data centers capable of holding all that information and buy imported equipment, all without state subsidies, where they risk going bankrupt. To actually operate the data centers, the Russian government would need to upgrade Russia’s outdated electrical grid and cables, which could cost between $30 and $77 billion. What about the “encryption keys?” In addition to storing all the transmitted information, “organizers of information distribution” have to turn over “any information necessary to decrypt those messages.” Therefore, “additional coding” will need to be added to all electronic messages to act as instructions for the FSB to “decode” them. Many services and websites don’t have “keys” or are fundamentally unsharable, like banks and financial institutions. Nearly all electronic information needs to be “encoded” in some way. Bortnikov has two weeks and the clock starts now. Good luck!

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