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David Wood and David Sharpe’s (affectionately known as “The Daves”) success, besides their master marketer personas, can be  explained by a new compensation plan model – also known as the pass-up compensation plan, which is really something special.

So What Can the Compensation Plan Do For Me?

Why and how are so many people drawn to the Empower Network Compensation Plan? As of October 2012 – after a year since the launch, approximately 45,000 paid affiliates are active and more than $14 million in commissions have been paid out.  After 2 years in operation, over $60 million in commissions have been paid out.

Empower Network pays a commission pursuant to the current compensation plan, which is available here. The data shown below is current for the date range shown and is updated frequently. Study our commission structure and the data below. Discuss our company with professional advisors and experienced affiliate marketers before deciding to purchase or promote any of Empower Network’s products.

Empower Network does not guarantee that you will make any money from your use or promotion of our products and services.

In the Empower Network compensation plan, every affiliate is passing up the 2nd, 4th, 6th and then every +5 member (11th, 16th, 21st, and so on) to the upline. It sounds a little unfair, however it works like a charm.


According to above income disclosure, approximately 45% of the affiliates make more than $25 per week (Low), or $1,300 per year, outperforming many other network marketing compensation plans.

How is that possible?

The answer may be gleamed from the graphic below, which explains the pass-up compensation plan.  Marco has signed up 3 affiliates Linda, Andre, and Jose and has a small down line of 19 people.

Marco gets paid over the 8 affiliates which are yellow. So Linda, Jose, Vinnie, Margo, K2, K4, P2 and P4.

Marco receives $200 in commission, total group sales is $475 so 42% is paid out to Marco.

$250 commission or 52% is paid to Marco´s down line and $25 flows to Marco´s up line. (Plus his own monthly subscription)


Let Dave Wood Explain it in his own words:


This Empower Network compensation plan pushes commissions to the front, which can explain the success of Empower Network.  With 1 sign up an affiliate has his own monthly subscription covered, and with a small group, affiliates are profitable. This doesn’t exist in traditional Multi Level Marketing.

So, now knowing all of that, partner with me so that we can get this in motion.

…and you thought THAT was great?  The model above only demonstrated with the $25 product – the viral blogging system.  There are other products that you are also eligible for 100% commissions when you yourself own them.  Do the math above while adding in $100/month residual Inner Circle program, or one time fee products that are $500, $1000, and $3500. ($3000 commission on The Master’s Retreat)  Imagine getting a $3000 commission? ..or monthly recurring $100 commissions?  What about the $500 and $1000 commissions? That is crazy good money.  You can learn more about the partner products too.

Want proof?




Things change and evolve, so while I will leave older information up here for reference, here is a current explanation of the plan.


Empower Network Compensation Plan

We are confident that our Compensation Plan is one of the best in the online marketing world.

When you start marketing your products to prospects, they are going to start wanting to sign up under you. This should be done with the affiliate link that you have in your Empower Network account (please keep in mind that your Affiliate account needs to be active in order to sign up members).

After your first member joins, they will appear as team members within your  “My Account” – “View Team” page. Congratulations! You have made your first sale and this member will stay in your frontline, being part of your OWN POWERLINE group.

According to our Compensation Plan, every affiliate is passing up the 1st, 3rd, 5th and then every +5 member after that (10th, 15th, 20th and so on). This means that your second direct signup will be “passed up” to your upline. The system remembers that you were the sponsor of that new member; but in the system it is being displayed as a “pass up”, and the important thing about that is that this member will be a part of the POWERLINE group of your upline, but not you.

Sounds unfair? Not really… and here comes the good news:

Each of your own direct referral (i.e. your 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th and so on) members, is part of your powerline group. This means that THEY WILL PASS UP their 1st, 3rd, 5th and then every +5 member (and so on) sale UP TO YOU. Then each of these passed up members will also pass up their 1st, 3rd, 5th and so on sale to you.

This gives incredible earning possibilities, and furthermore – it helps you build a group, and let your group work for you!

Lets see a small example here. Let’s say that you have 10 people join under you, and each of these 10 members have another 10 join under them.

If there were no passups, you would only have 10 members in your downline, and that is all.

With the current compensation plan though, you will have… 28 members! Almost 3 times more, doesn’t that sound good? This means that once you have a big group marketing the products, you might relax a little, and your group will just work for you!

Lets think a little bit more here… what if…

What if those last 10 members have another 10 join them? How big of a group are you going to have in that case?

In that case, you will have… 91 members!!! Isn’t that just fantastic?

So, this compensation plan works for YOU and for YOUR BUSINESS. Passing up members to your upline is your contribution that will reward you later on, when you start getting your passups from your own downline!

With this plan you can earn, on the higher end above and beyond the blogging system referrals, the higher up products will earn you $350, $700, $2100, and $3000 commissions.

That’s way better than those companies that sell soap, cosmetics, and health products.

Marketing educational products are worth their price in gold, and these really deliver, so get started today.