Online Fame Distracts 9th-Grader Who Built That Clock Mistaken For A Bomb

An anonymous Slashdot reader writes: This week the Washington Post ran a long profile of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old boy whose home-made clock got him arrested after school officials and the local police mistook it for a bomb last summer. The Justice Department is currently investigating the incident — while the school district is suing the Texas attorney general, and the boy’s family is suing the school district. But Ahmed has just returned back to Texas, and spoke to the press — including a local Fox news affiliate which later broadcast a commentary saying his family was obsessed with fame and plotted the arrest.

Over the last year Ahmed’s read everything that appeared online about him, but never responds because he doesn’t want to give in to anger. The Post writes that while some kids at school called him ISIS Boy, “Sympathetic crowdfunders raised $18,000 for his education. He visited the White House, the Google Science Fair and the president of his home country of Sudan (a wanted war criminal, but Mohamed said it would be rude not to accept the invitation).” Though he’d like to return to the U.S. someday for college, he’s been living in Qatar, where a government organization paid for private schooling for him and his sister. But the Post says he still sometimes imagines what his life might’ve been like if the incident had never happened. “By now he could have invented something new — not just a clock that only took him a few minutes to put together from parts in his family’s garage, which was full of ’90s-era electronics from when his uncle ran a chain called Beeper Warehouse.”

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