Older Workers Are Better At Adapting To New Technology, Study Finds

“Don’t let the millennial buzz fool you. Older workers handle and adapt to new systems better than younger people,” writes CIO magazine. Slashdot reader itwbennett writes: A survey by London-based market research firm Ipsos Mori, sponsored by Dropbox, found that older workers are less likely to find using technology in the workplace stressful and experience less trouble working with multiple devices than the younger cohort.

Millennials “are used to using tech in their personal lives that’s pretty darn good,” suggests one Dropbox executive, “and that raises the expectations of what tech can be in their professional lives… So younger people will feel frustration at tools that are not up to snuff.” Out of 4,000 information workers who were surveyed in the U.S. and Europe, 37% of the 18-34-year-old group reported trouble with multiple devices, compared to just 13% of respondents over 55.

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