Nigerian Scammers Infect Themselves With Own Malware, Reveal New Fraud Scheme

“A pair of security researchers recently uncovered a Nigerian scammer ring that they say operates a new kind of attack…after a few of its members accidentally infected themselves with their own malware,” reports IEEE Spectrum. “Over the past several months, they’ve watched from a virtual front row seat as members used this technique to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from small and medium-sized businesses worldwide.” Wave723 writes: Nigerian scammers are becoming more sophisticated, moving on from former ‘spoofing’ attacks in which they impersonated a CEO’s email from an external account. Now, they’ve begun to infiltrate employee email accounts to monitor financial transactions and slip in their own routing and account info…The researchers estimate this particular ring of criminals earns about US $3 million from the scheme. After they infected their own system, the scammers’ malware uploaded screenshots and all of their keystrokes to an open web database, including their training sessions for future scammers and the re-routing of a $400,000 payment. Yet the scammers actually “appear to be ‘family men’ in their late 20s to 40s who are well-respected, church-going figures in their communities,” according to the article. SecureWorks malware researcher Joe Stewart says the scammers are “increasing the economic potential of the region they’re living in by doing this, and I think they feel somewhat of a duty to do this.”

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