Munich’s IT Lead: ‘No Compelling Reason’ To Switch Back To Windows From Linux

“The man who runs Munich’s central IT says there is no practical reason for the city to write off millions of euros and years of work to ditch its Linux-based OS for Windows,” reports TechRepublic. Long-time Slashdot reader Qbertino summarizes a German-language article:
Karl-Heinz Schneider, lead of Munich’s local system house company IT@M, goes on to claim, “We do not see pressing technical reasons to switch to MS and MS Office… The council [in their recent plans] didn’t even follow the analysts’ suggestion to stick with using LibreOffice.” Furthermore, Schneider stated that “System failures that angered citizens in recent years never were related to the LiMux project, but due to new bureaucratic procedures…” and apparently decisions by unqualified personnel at the administrative level, as Munich’s administration itself states.

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