Microsoft’s SwiftKey Suspends Sync After Keyboard Leaks Strangers’ Contact Details

Swiftkey has suspended its cloud-sync service and switched off email address predictions amid reports of Microsoft-owned keyboard app delivering suggestions for strangers’ email addresses and phone numbers. ZDNet reports: The move followed reports a week ago that the app was offering up email addresses to people they’ve never met. According to The Telegraph, one user claimed to have been contacted by a stranger and told that their brand-new phone had suggested two of the user’s email addresses, as well as contact phone numbers. Reports of the bug also cite some users receiving predictions in languages they’d never used previously. “I logged into SwiftKey with Google+ and now, I’m getting someone else’s German predictions with only English (UK) pack installed. I have never typed German in my entire life,” one Reddit user reported last week. SwiftKey on Friday suggested the leaked contact details are due to a glitch in this sync service, which normally backs up what the app learns about a user to SwiftKey servers and then syncs that data to the user’s other devices.Microsoft acquired SwiftKey app earlier this year for an estimated sum of $250 million.

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