Intel Recalls Basis Peak Smartwatches Due To Overheating

Deathspawner writes: Intel’s Basis has just sent an email to customers who own a Basis Peak smartwatch with some bad news: it’s being recalled. In mid-June, Basis admitted that its flagship (and only) smartwatch had the chance to overheat, and then asked them to wait for a firmware update. Ultimately, a firmware update couldn’t have been issued that wouldn’t have compromised the user experience, and as such, the company is asking for every single Basis Peak to be returned for a full refund — it will even handle the shipping. Users can still access Basic Peak services until December 31, 2016, after which they will be turned off and the watch will be rendered useless. If you own a Basic Peak, you can visit the support site and follow the instructions to return your unit and claim your refund.

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