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IBM Admits It Sent Malware-infected USB Sticks To Customers

IBM accidentally shipped USB drives infected with malware to some customers, the company noted in a support advisory post. The drives contained an initialization tool for some of its Storwize systems, the post stated. From a report: IBM customers who received a USB flash drive with the part number 01AC585 should either destroy the drive so that it cannot be reused, the post said, or follow the steps listed in the post to repair the drive. Affected drives were shipped with the following Storwize systems: IBM Storwize V3500 – 2071 models 02A and 10A, IBM Storwize V3700 – 2072 models 12C, 24C, and 2DC, IBM Storwize V5000 – 2077 models 12C and 24C, IBM Storwize V5000 – 2078 models 12C and 24C.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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