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How to Make Money on the Internet

In this post I want to appeal to the downtrodden workers and especially fellow tech workers who may be searching for how to make money on the internet.  Ya see, it’s not like there’s reliable Google keyword data for this because there aren’t any keywords in any substantive amount that identify where actual technology workers are searching for a way out, or a better way, to pay the bills.  For the longest time I was trying to find these keywords and came up short, wondering if any tech workers were searching.  I thought about myself several years ago looking for a better way, and I said to myself hey I was searching why not others.  I know more than a fe laid off tech workers who are fed up with the career or more likely the companies and how they treat tech workers in the first world countries, always outsourcing jobs and downsizing departments.

Then it hit me.  I wasn’t searching for keywords that paired technology with trying to find a better way.  Even though I was a tech worker I was just searching on the obvious words.  Stuff like make money from home and all of that.  Duh!


How to Make Money on the Internet by tomconnelly

Tech Workers Need to Learn How To Make Money on the Internet

Look, I know that you must be worried.  If you aren’t you should be.  Tech will always be in my blood, and I still work in computers.

Take this blogging thing.  It uses the internet, deals with the interesting areas of SEO and web hosting, etc.  What geek wouldn’t enjoy doing this but making more money than they ever dreamed of when they were wokring in IT?

I don’t care what kind of a tech genius you are. You can be a brilliant software architect for all I care.  You don’t make upwards of $20k-$60k per MONTH and up doing that.  No one would pay you that.

Through the power of leveraging other people’s efforts and the global potential client base of the internet, you can do that.  It’s totally possible and people are doing it.  You have to adjust your thinking first to even believe that anyone could make that kind of money from home with a blog or blogs.

When I worked in an enterprise software company with some real smart software developers and architects, I couldn’t even mention making money from home selling stuff or anything remotely resembling internet marketing because this one friend of mine would just rattle off the litany of excuses as to why it was impossible and I was gullible and they’re all scams.

How to make money on the internet is no pie in the sky dream.  It’s real.  A few years ago even hot shot kids were making bookoo bucks on the internet since it was EASY to scam Google and get on the front page where all the opportunity seekers with credit cards in hand were looking.  Now it takes real skills and it’s ripe for the IT mind to get into the game.

I know what it’s like getting a pink slip.

Getting laid off.


Made redundant.

It sucks.  It’s like in Office Space when the guys find out they’re getting laid off, and notice how they shoot down the guy’s dream too.



I LOVE that movie!

Anyway, I hope you’re pickin up what I’m layin down here.

Look, I’m one of you.  I’ve worked in a cubicle and done that gig.  It was terrible.  Having to wait every 2 weeks to get paid, wondering if I was going to get a bonus at the end of the fiscal year, were layoffs around the corner…

Who needs it?

If you already have the online and technical skills, can you bear seeing these non techie people making a killing online?  My own mentor who I was lucky to hook up with is NOT a techie and as much as I love the guy it KILLS me that a non techie has this whole blogging for money thing crushed month after month.

It’s good and disturbing.  It’s good because I can pretty much be happy in the fact that I don’t have to appeal just to techies, but distrubing because I thought for a long time that how to make money on the internet would be the sole domain of techies like me.


Everyone from ex blue collars (nothing wrong with that), house wives & stay at home moms, ex office and clerical workers, ex doctors, lawyers – it doesn’t matter.  Anyone with an aptitude and a desire can do this… BUT… how much easier for someone who already has the tech skills in place?

Much easier.  The transition time for someone with technology skills and IT skills is faster because they don’t have to learn about web hosting, internet domains, domain redirects, installing WordPress, operating a CPANEL, creating their own web images, etc.  Get it?

I’ve decided to dedicate a PORTION of this blog to appeal to fellow IT and tech workers who are FED UP with the corporate rat race and layoff roller coaster and invite them to learn the lucrative and self sustaining field of internet marketing.  When I help you learn this I help you while helping myself.  What could be better?  Not much.

If you’re not into this, then fine that’s okay.  Go on your way and your chosen path is yours to travel.  I’m okay with that.  To each their own.

There are plenty of tech news categories on this site and they will stay for those who only seek a tech news clearing house.

This type of blog with so many outgoing links is NOT ideal for this sort of thing, but I decided that since I have other blogs that are totally dedicated to this passion, albeit through other niches, that I would take a chance and make a portion of this one dedicated to spreading the word about internet marketing to appeal to fellow IT workers who may not be thrilled with the way the industry and their careers are heading.  Or, maybe you’ve already been laid off, have some severance pay to gamble with, and have decided to look for alternative career choices that still “touch” technology.

If you are one of them, then get in while the getting is very good.  As I said above, the transition is a small one.

The products actually teach you the bulk of what you need to know to become an effective internet marketer, and THAT is like learning to print money if you learn it the correct way. (think writing your own ticket or paycheck)

Imagine pulling in 100% commissions from an amazing compensation plan.

I hope that you decide to give it a whirl because a brighter future is around the corner for those willing to WORK for it and be consistent.  There are no get rich quick things here.  I would never partake in that. This is real work but if you work it steadily it will work over time.  You just have to persist and work your butt off.

If this by chance resonates with you now, you can actually partner with me if the urge grabs you.

See you on the flip side!


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