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How One Little Cable Company Exposed Telecom’s Achilles’ Heel

Reader mirandakatz writes: Forget net neutrality — the real fight is over controlling price-gouging monopolies. As Susan Crawford writes at Backchannel, a little-known cable company, Cable One, just exposed the telecommunications industry’s Achilles’ heel: regulation. Cable One has been raising its data transmission prices quickly, and it’s making cable giants very, very nervous. If people begin noticing that there’s no competition, that Americans are paying too much for too little, and that the entire country is suffering as a result, that’s a big problem for Big Cable. As Crawford writes, ‘don’t fixate on net neutrality… Even though the state of internet access is an issue that touches the bank accounts and opportunities of hundreds of millions of Americans and gazillions of businesses, very few people understand what’s actually going on. Now you are among them. Do something about it.’

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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