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Hanoi Plan To Ban Motorbikes By 2030 To Combat Pollution

Hanoi — a city of five million motorbikes — is planning to ban the popular two-wheeled transport by 2030. From a report: The city council voted for the ban almost unanimously, hoping to unclog roads and reduce soaring levels of pollution. The council has also promised to increase public transport so that half the population are using it by 2030, instead of the current 12 percent. But some residents think it very unlikely the bikes will go for good. Council officials decided to put “immediate management measures” in place after a report found the number of motorbikes in Hanoi was set to grow at an “alarming” rate. Some studies suggest there are already as many as 2,500 motorbikes per kilometre. According to the non-governmental group GreenID, the city recorded 282 days of “excessive” levels of PM2.5, which is harmful to human health, last year.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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