Hackers Can Use Smart Watch Movements To Reveal A Wearer’s ATM PIN

the_newsbeagle writes: By gaining access to the sensors in someone’s smart watch, hackers could track the person’s hand movements at an ATM and figure out his/her pin. The hacker needn’t be anywhere near the ATM; data can be lifted from the smart watch by either a discreet wireless sniffer or by malware on the watch that sends info to a server. This is hardly the first demonstration of the security flaws in smart watches. Last year, a research group showed that a watch’s sensors can reveal keystrokes on a computer keyboard. The team of researchers, led by Chen Wang and Yingying Chen at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, were able to record movements down to the millimeter and crack private ATM PINs with 80 percent accuracy on the first try. To eliminate the security breach, manufacturers could better secure the data stored in their wearables, and/or add noise so one’s physical hand movements cannot be as easily translated. Of course, consumers could simply wear their smart watch on their non-dominant hand.

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