Google Says 97% Of Connections To YouTube Are Now Encrypted

Google said Monday that HTTPS now accounts for 97% of all connections to YouTube. In a blog post, the video portal made the announcement, also underscoring the challenges it faced making the site more secure. TechCrunch reports:Given its massive scale, YouTube obviously presents some extra challenges for Google. But the company argues that its Global Cache content delivery network is able to handle encrypted connections relatively easily, in large parts because hardware acceleration for AES, the algorithm at the core of the HTTPS protocol, is now ubiquitous. Google also argues that using HTTPS connections has improved the user experience on YouTube. “You watch YouTube videos on everything from flip phones to smart TVs,” the team writes today. “We A/B tested HTTPS on every device to ensure that users would not be negatively impacted. We found that HTTPS improved quality of experience on most clients: by ensuring content integrity, we virtually eliminated many types of streaming errors.”

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