For Video Soundtracks, Computers Are the New Composers

Reader jader3rd writes: NPR has a story about computer composed soundtracks being used for small video projects. Ed Newton-Rex, the company’s founder, is a composer who studied computer programming, and says he started to ask himself: “Given what we know about how music’s put together, why can’t computers write music yet?” “You basically make a bunch of choices that really anyone can relate to,” Rex says. “That’s one of our aims. We wanted to make it as simple as possible, [to] really democratize the process of creation.” Despite the successes there’s been limited investment, because audiences and producers are uncomfortable with it. “On the credits they don’t want to see ‘Composed by Computer Program Experiments in Musical Intelligence by David Cope,’ ” he says. “It’s the last thing they want to show their audience.” But how much longer will that last, until audiences are comfortable with seeing that a movies soundtrack was computer composed?

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