FBI Director: Guccifer Admitted He Lied About Hacking Hillary Clinton’s Email

blottsie writes from a report via The Daily Dot: The Romanian hacker known as Guccifer (real name Marcel Lehel Lazar) admitted to the FBI that he lied to the public when he said he repeatedly hacked into Hillary Clinton’s email server in 2013. FBI Director James Comey testified before members on Congress on Thursday that Guccifer never hacked into Clinton’s servers and in fact admitted that he lied. Lazar told Fox News and NBC News in May 2016 about his alleged hacking. Despite offering no proof, the claim caused a huge stir, including making headline news on some of America’s biggest publications, which offered little skepticism of his claims. “Can you confirm that Guccifer never gained access to her server?” asked Texas Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold. “He did not. He admitted that was a lie,” Comey replied. Lazar is currently imprisoned in Alexandria, Virginia, following his extradition from Romania.

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