Essential Home is an Amazon Echo Competitor That ‘Puts Privacy First’

In its bid to take on Apple, Google and Amazon, Essential has unveiled “Home,” a new intelligent assistant that it hopes owners will be proud to show off. From a report: Essential Home is the new intelligent assistant with round “auto-display” just announced by Andy Rubin’s new venture. It can be activated with a question, a tap, or even a “glance,” according to Essential, and it’s designed to never intrude upon the home. In that way Essential calls it “an entirely new type of product” but it mostly borrows ideas from existing products in an attempt to outdo them. Essential Home lets your control your music, ask general interest questions, set timers, and control your lights — capabilities we’ve seen from Google and Amazon — only Essential promises to do it better, somehow. It’s like Google Home or Amazon’s Echo series of assistants only without the “boxes, tubes, or strange lights.” It’s like Nest but it doesn’t try to make your home smart by anticipating your needs — it suggests certain behaviors instead. “In the end people decide,” says Essential. Earlier today, the company also announced the Essential Phone. Unlike the Essential Phone, however, much about the Essential Home is not know. It is expected to ship in a few months.

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