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Chinese Agency Linked To Cyber-Espionage Operations Will Review Source Code of Foreign Firms

An anonymous reader shares a report: According to a new law voted in 2016 and which came into effect starting June 1, 2017, foreign companies activating in China could be forced to provide access to their source code to a state agency that has been recently linked to China’s nation-state cyber-espionage campaigns. China’s new cyber-security law (CSL) gives the China Information Technology Evaluation Center (CNITSEC) the legal power to conduct “national security reviews” of foreign companies that want to activate on the Chinese market. According to articles in the CSL, this also includes the power to request access to any app or service’s source code. Chinese authorities say this is to protect citizens by searching the source code of foreign companies for secret mechanisms that collect data on Chinese users and send it to foreign servers.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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