Best Ways to Make Money Online

Free enterprise meets marketing blogging tops the best ways to make money online, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Ever wonder while online, how to make it pay off so that you could supplement your regular income or even make the switch to full time?  I know that many people dream of this because I have gazed over and over into the Google crystal ball of internet searches to know that it is a fact.  So, don’t try to act like you never wondered about it either.  We all know that a select minority of geeks are making their incomes online.  We publicly disdain them for being so… capitalist… but secretly envy them because they don’t have to commute to work, kiss a boss’ rear end, or even get dressed if they don’t feel like it.

No sick days, personal days, limited vacation, or alarm clocks.

What’s that you say?  It’s not true?  Oh, my friends, it’s not only true but it’s such a fact for a growing number of people who dare to try.  Not only is it a true fact, but another growing subset of these people are not only making livings, but they are making CEO money from home.  Cross my heart.

Okay so what about the many ways to make internet money?

Let’s get the basics out of the way, shall we?

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How to Make Money on the Internet

In this post I want to appeal to the downtrodden workers and especially fellow tech workers who may be searching for how to make money on the internet.  Ya see, it’s not like there’s reliable Google keyword data for this because there aren’t any keywords in any substantive amount that identify where actual technology workers are searching for a way out, or a better way, to pay the bills.  For the longest time I was trying to find these keywords and came up short, wondering if any tech workers were searching.  I thought about myself several years ago looking for a better way, and I said to myself hey I was searching why not others.  I know more than a fe laid off tech workers who are fed up with the career or more likely the companies and how they treat tech workers in the first world countries, always outsourcing jobs and downsizing departments.

Then it hit me.  I wasn’t searching for keywords that paired technology with trying to find a better way.  Even though I was a tech worker I was just searching on the obvious words.  Stuff like make money from home and all of that.  Duh!


How to Make Money on the Internet by tomconnelly

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