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British Airways Says IT Collapse Came After Servers Damaged By Power Problem

A huge IT failure that stranded 75,000 British Airways passengers followed damage to servers that were overwhelmed when the power returned after an outage, the airline said on Wednesday. From a report: BA is seeking to limit the damage to its reputation and has apologised to customers after hundreds of flights were canceled over a long holiday weekend. The airline provided a few more details of the incident in its latest statement on Wednesday. While there was a power failure at a data center near London’s Heathrow airport, the damage was caused by an overwhelming surge once the electricity was restored, it said. “There was a total loss of power at the data center. The power then returned in an uncontrolled way causing physical damage to the IT servers,” BA said in a statement. “It was not an IT issue, it was a power issue.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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