Britain’s Scientists Are ‘Freaking Out’ Over Brexit

“To use a nonscientific term, the scientists in the country are freaking out,” reports the Washington Post. An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes their report:

The researchers worry that Britain will not replace funding it loses when it leaves the E.U., which has supplied about $1.2 billion a year to support British science, approximately 10 percent of the total spent by government-funded research councils. There is a whiff of panic in the labs.

Worse than a possible dip in funding is the research community’s fear that collaborators abroad will slink away and the country’s universities will find themselves isolated. British research today is networked, expensive, competitive and global. Being part of a pan-European consortium has helped put Britain in the top handful of countries, based on the frequency of citations of its scientific papers… Anecdotal evidence suggests that headhunters may already be circling.

Meanwhile, NPR reports that Britain’s vote to leave the EU “has depressed the value of the British pound,” prompting many Britons to vacation at home rather than abroad — while “Americans will find their dollars go further in Britain these days.” And an anonymous Slashdot reader quotes a report from CNBC that Ford “is considering closing plants in the UK and across Europe in response to Britain’s vote to leave the EU, as it forecast a $1 billion hit to its business over the next two years.”

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