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Best Ways to Make Money Online

Free enterprise meets marketing blogging tops the best ways to make money online, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Ever wonder while online, how to make it pay off so that you could supplement your regular income or even make the switch to full time?  I know that many people dream of this because I have gazed over and over into the Google crystal ball of internet searches to know that it is a fact.  So, don’t try to act like you never wondered about it either.  We all know that a select minority of geeks are making their incomes online.  We publicly disdain them for being so… capitalist… but secretly envy them because they don’t have to commute to work, kiss a boss’ rear end, or even get dressed if they don’t feel like it.

No sick days, personal days, limited vacation, or alarm clocks.

What’s that you say?  It’s not true?  Oh, my friends, it’s not only true but it’s such a fact for a growing number of people who dare to try.  Not only is it a true fact, but another growing subset of these people are not only making livings, but they are making CEO money from home.  Cross my heart.

Okay so what about the many ways to make internet money?

Let’s get the basics out of the way, shall we?

Are these the best ways to make money online?

That all depends on what works BEST FOR YOU and HOW MUCH money you are satisfied with.

best ways to make money online

Some people are okay with just picking up some extra spending money online, and they really just want to get on there and make some quick money whenever they need.  They want guaranteed money even if it involves stocking some product and having to pack and ship it out.  They know that there is likely a buyer waiting with cash in hand for whatever they put up there and they are guaranteed a fast profit that they can bank immediately.  Of course, the margins are likely low and they need to do a lot of volume to make real money, but they enjoy it and are good at it.  They are satisfied with whatever they earn this way.

There is nothing wrong with that.

These methods involve anything that involves the selling of, or buying and reselling of, goods.  This can be done through ads sites like Craigslist, or auction sites like Ebay.  There are plenty of these sites out there, but those are the two most prominent.

Another way to sell goods is through collector or special interest forums.  Many of these forums provide a free sales area where members can buy, sell, or trade goods that they are interested in.  Just remember that reputation goes a long way.  Sometimes crooks hang out in these places acting like legitimate buyers and sellers, so there is always a risk that you can get scammed out of your goods.  These sales areas don’t provide any protections.  That being said, most of the time the parties to a transaction are the real deal and it goes fine.

Another way to sell your wares online is through craft sites like Etsy.  You sort of set up a shop and sell through the site to other members of the site.  This is a community based site where like minded people gather, but there are others out there.  So here, the vendor adopts the store model.  The same store, or shoppe, model, is found on Ebay in their Ebay Stores.  Amazon also has the Amazon aStores areas where vendors can have a site within a site in order to sell goods.  When people search the larger site for what they need, vendor items are suggested in the search results, so you can get a lot of business from an arraignment like this.

You can also set up a website of your own.  The big challenge here is getting traffic and competing with the large sites mentioned above.  A good way to go about it is to combine them.  You have your own site and do the work needed to get organic web traffic to visit it.  On the other hand you go about populating your big box site store with products and you insert your site name in there in order to bleed some traffic from the big box site to your main site.  If that is not an option due to some policy by the bib box site, then you can easily enclose thank you cards with your orders.  That is a slick way to get your main site URL into the hands of customers who found you through the big box site.  Actually, this works well for ANY customer found through ANY of the other outlets or methods mentioned.  Whether customers found through the larger sites or through sales forums, enclosing your URL with orders is at least a chance at getting your site URL out there.

Getting organic Google and search engine traffic is the holy grail of online selling.  This is also referred to as free traffic since it is not gotten through paid ads.  I have much to say on that but will tackle that in another post.

So what else is there?  Are those the only best ways to make money online?


Those methods involve selling products.  Those were for ideas.  There are many similar ways to make money online that may fit in between the lines of the above ideas.

Another different way to carve out an income online is through selling services.  For example, maybe you are a computer repair person, or something local like that.  You can use online to advertise and get customers. Now, this is a weird fusion because while you are using the internet, you are still local due to the in person real time nature of your service.  You are bound by the laws of physics, location, and the lack of Star Trek Transporters to a specific geographic region, and hence your customers are too.  Your reach is limited even though the Internet is global.

So what other services can you do that takes advantage of the “globality” (I love making new words) of the Internet and also allowing you to service people far and wide?  Your service or product must be digital in nature. If we are not dealing with shipping physical product as we were in the above examples, you now have a service that can be instantly delivered to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection.  These involve things like custom graphics work, copywriting or ghostwriting, web site design, any other type of digital design, music, art, or anything creative where the product can be digitized and transmitted.

I think you catch my drift here.

You can also take advantage of popular sites to sell your work in the same way that those auction and sites above can sell physical product.

There are sites like Fiverr and Odesk where you can list your services to a global audience.  Yep, you do contract work for a fee.  The site acts like a broke and takes a percentage or a fee, but it is a way to get your services out there in front of a global audience of ready to buy seekers of contract work.  You can always run your own site too, but while you are building that and working on getting it to show int he search engines, these sites can be a ready form of instant pay for your services.

I hope that you think these are pretty good ideas so far…

Remember, even if you already knew about some or all of this stuff, many more who found the page have not and were like “Wow, I never knew that!”

Are these truly the best ways to make money online?

Yes overall they are, but there is a MUCH better way if you mean making the most money by reaching many people and also leveraging the productivity of many people.  Yes if you mean leaving behind trading money for time and growing your income beyond what you yourself could ever do by multiplying your work times however many real hours you spend at it.

There are variations on this.  The industry that I mean can be covered by the term “Internet Marketing”.  Now internet marketing means that you market things over the internet.  These can be products, but are usually digital in nature like ebooks and courses that teach something of perceived value.  Many times these items are being sold by people who are not the creators but are making a commissions on the sale.  These people are called affiliates, so in this case internet marketing narrows into affiliate internet marketing.  Affiliates can sell products OR services, or merely send internet traffic, or leads, to a website for their commissions.  Depending on the terms of the affiliate agreement, they may get paid based on a sale or just on delivering a lead.  There are sites that act as go between between the companies or product owners and their affiliates.  Two of the best known are Clickbank and Commission Junction.

That’s not the only avenue.  Many other programs and companies deal with affiliates directly, so you should check if a company that you are interested in representing has a private affiliate program or not.  Sometimes you will find that they actually use Commission Junction.  Many income opportunity products on the internet have their own private affiliate programs and agreements that you directly sign onto.

Do these contain all of the best ways to make money online?

Not yet….

We almost forgot the most lucrative type of all.

Well, not really.

Ever hear of Amway?  What about Primerica? (A.L. Williams)  Avon anyone?

These are the network marketing, or multi level marketing models.  They basically take you on as an associate and pay you a commission on products that you sell as well as people who you recruit into your organization that you build, and you also get commissions on product that they sell as well as any business carried out in their organizations and so on.  Sometimes there is a limit to how many levels down it goes, in order to keep the same payout potential for everyone involved.  Compensation plans vary from company to company, and so do the commissions.

You don’t have to think very far to know that there is potentially very big, as in life transformingly big, income generation in network marketing.

What happens when you combine the network or MLM model with the global reach of the internet?


Two things.

First of all, the market is MUCH larger, and thus your reach.  Instead of being limited to those who you come face to face with, you now can reach people on other continents (if your opportunity is global).

Secondly, you are freed form the offline requirement of having to go through your family and friends to find interested parties.  THIS IS A BIG ONE.

How many people have failed in network marketing because they couldn’t bear face to face persuasion, mixed with rejection, and also either didn’t want to approach family and friends, or maybe hit a wall once they exhausted that avenue?

Once you learn how to harness the power of the internet to tap into a limitless pool of interested parties who are ALREADY SEARCHING for the best ways to make money online, more than half of your job is done for you.

There are various things to learn, but that comes with learning from the best internet marketing products ever assembled.  You learn about finding who is searching for what and how to get those searchers to your doorstep through the organic free traffic generation strategies.  You learn all about copywriting, creating video presentations, connecting with people and their desires, as well as attraction marketing.  There is also a fair amount of sales psychology. You are basically almost going back to school and learning another trade, one that can set you free.

Now, this is all nothing without a product to sell.  Many times you see the first half of this offered without a second half, as in what to sell.  You can use all of this to market anything online, and I encourage you to develop that, but that comes in time.  You have to learn to crawl before you walk, but crawling was never so lucrative.  Many years ago I read the works of Anthony Robbins, famed self help guru.  I felt that his work was aimed at those who owned their own business or were in sales, because in no other profession can you merely work harder or apply those techniques to make more money.  Of course you can climb the proverbial company ladder, but owning your own business and/or selling something is the immediate way to apply certain technologies to have an immediate impact on your bottom line.  This provides you with that vehicle.

There is no better way to stat down the path of life transforming income than to learn from the best of the best while also being granted the ability to resell these very same concepts for super high commissions while you transform yourself into an internet marketing expert.  If this isn’t the best of the best ways to make money online then I don’t know what is.

With this, you get the training, the products, and the whole deal to become not just someone who markets something over the internet, but you get the opportunity to become an attraction marketing expert who has the ability to deal with multiple programs at the same time and even eventually develop your own.  You learn the skills and concepts like joint ventures.  You have the opportunity to connect with and share ideas with other like minded marketers so that if you want to you can combine forces and create companies.  It’s really endless potential that I am talking about.

That’s really it.  You can settle for the small time, or you can work into the real time.  It’s up to you, and with this article I hope that I have delivered on my promise to provide information on the best ways to make money online.




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