Australian Census Stirs Up Storm of Privacy Concerns

An anonymous reader writes: Next week over 20 million Australians will take part in a mandatory government census. While such data-gathering exercises are usually uncontroversial, some significant changes to the process of collecting the 2016 data — and in particular the way in which personally-identifying information will be retained for long periods (possibly indefinintely) — have left many privacy advocates and others calling for a mass boycott. The Australian government’s response has been to try to calm fears by promising that it will secure the census data, keep personally identifying data separate from statistical data, and only use each in a responsible way. It has, at the same time reminded Australian citizens that the fines for non-participation in the census have recently been radically increased (now $1800 for failure to submit a form; or $180/day for late submissions).Further reading: Australians threaten to take leave of their census.

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