Audi’s Traffic Light Information System Tells You When The Lights Are Going To Turn Green

An anonymous reader quotes a report from PCWorld: Audi’s Traffic light information system offers a first: the ability to tell you when the stoplight is going to change from red to green. This is a big thing for the impatient driver, but it’s an even bigger thing for the automotive industry. The new feature, announced Monday, will be available on 2017 Q7, A4, and A4 allroad models built from June, 2016 onward. As your car nears a traffic light, it will receive real-time data about the signals at that location. Because the data can be complex, Audi says the car’s computer will decide whether it has enough information to know when the traffic light you’re sitting at will turn green. If so, it’ll display a countdown clock on the instrument cluster. Audi’s General Manager of Connectivity, Pom Malhotra, said Audi tested the service on 100 cars for over a year. The company’s working closely with the agencies that manage the 300,000 or so traffic lights in the United States, and data provider Traffic Technology Solutions (TTS) of Portland, Oregon. TTS processes a constant stream of traffic signal status in real time and sends it to Audi’s own servers, which then send it to the car. Malhotra said, “A few things have been implemented that we think of as safeguards.” For example, the countdown timer will disappear several seconds before the red light changes to green, forcing you to put down your phone or stop whatever you may be doing in the meantime and look at the light yourself. The feature will be available in the three models mentioned via Audi’s Connect Prime infotainment package, which costs $199 for 6 months or $750 for 30 months.

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