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Ask Slashdot: What Can You Do With An Old Windows Phone?

Slashdot reader unixisc writes:
While it’s always been well known that Windows phones in the market have floundered, one saving grace has always been that one could at least use it for the barest minimum of apps, even if updates have stopped… Aside from a door stop or a hand me down to someone who’ll use it like a dumb phone, what are your suggested uses for this phone? A music player (if the songs are on an SD card)? Games? As far as phones go, I have what I need, so for this, anything it’s good for?

The original submission suggests problems connecting to wi-ifi — something partially corroborated by complaints at Windows Central — though Microsoft’s site says they’re still supporting wifi connections.
Slashdot reader thegreatbob suggested “shuffleboard puck” — then added, “Snark aside, if you’re into writing custom applications and such for them, there’s probably a bootloader/root solution for you out there.”
Leave your own best suggestions in the comments. What can you do with an old Windows Phone?

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