And the Lord Said, ‘Let There Be Free Wi-Fi’

Germany doesn’t have free wi-fi at most places, especially because a German law holds the network provider accountable for any illegal activity on their network. But moving forward, the country is getting free wi-fi called “Godspots” at 3,000 churches and other religious places. From an article on Quartz: The service was launched in advance of the 500th anniversary of theologian Martin Luther’s infamous protest of corrupt practices by the Catholic clergy, which ultimately led to the Protestant Reformation. The event will be commemorated across Germany next year. The wifi service is also a strategic move to draw young people back into Germany’s glorious, but mostly underutilized, churches and cathedrals. Church Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Oberlausitz’s IT manager Fabian Blatner says Godspot aligns with the church’s mission to foster community. “People are no less spiritual than before,” Blatner believes, “but the places of communication have shifted. Much takes place in digital social networks and communities. With Godspot we want to build a Protestant Church [that serves as] a safe and familiar abode in the digital world.” EKBO says Godspot’s connections will be secure and it will not be collecting any information about users or bombarding them with ads. Well, except for a landing page featuring “topics of faith and life.”

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