America Expands Its Freedom of Information Act

An anonymous reader writes:
As America headed into its “Independence Day weekend,” the U.S. Congress passed — and President Obama signed — the “FOIA Improvements Act of 2016”. It now establishes a “presumption of disclosure” by law, and will even allow the disclosure of “deliberative process” records after 25 years, meaning those records from the Reagan (and prior) administrations should now become open, according to the Washington Post. In addition, the law also creates a comprehensive new “online request portal” for requesting records from all agencies, and even requires those agencies to make digital copies available for any records requested three or more times.

“By updating FOIA for the digital age, our law puts more government information than ever before online in a format familiar and accessible to the American people,” said Senator Leahy, who sponsored the legislation. On the 50th anniversary of America’s original Freedom of Information Act, Leahy added that “a government of, by, and for the people cannot be one that is hidden from them… ”
It’s the law’s 50th anniversary, and Leahy imagined a world 50 years in the future, when the next generation “will look back at this moment and gauge our commitment to the founding principles of our democracy. Let them see that we continued striving for a ‘more perfect union’ by strengthening the pillar of transparency that holds our government accountable to “We the People.’ “

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