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Airport Security Fails 17 Times Out of 18 In Minneapolis

Bruce66423 writes, “It appears that that the security theatre at Minnesota airport failed to spot 17 security violations out of 18 last week.” A local Minneapolis news station reports:
Last Thursday, what’s referred to as the “Red Team” in town from Washington D.C., posed as passengers and attempted to sneak items through security that should easily be caught… 17 out of 18 tries by the undercover federal agents saw explosive materials, fake weapons or drugs pass through TSA screening undetected… In April of 2016, sources said the airport failed nine out of 12 tests.

“When asked about Thursday’s failing grade, the TSA said, ‘TSA cannot confirm or deny the results of internal tests and condemns the release of any information that could compromise our nation’s security.'”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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