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A Year After ‘Pokemon Go’, Where Are the Augmented-Reality Hits?

A year after “Pokemon Go” prompted throngs of people to scour parks and streets for monsters visible only through smartphones, hit games made with augmented reality are rarer than a Snorlax. From a report: In fact, analysts say, the monster-hunting blockbuster drove only a brief spike in games using the nascent technology, which blends digital images with a person’s view of the real world. That is surprising, considering the ubiquity of screenshots showing Pokemon invading players’ work desks, kitchen counters and other locations of everyday life. “Pokemon Go” reached $1 billion in revenue globally just seven months after its release last July — faster than any other mobile game, including Activision Blizzard’s “Candy Crush Saga,” according to App Annie. There are thousands of augmented-reality games among the millions of apps in the Apple and Alphabet stores. None, though, has come close to the success of “Pokemon Go.” There are several reasons why, industry observers say. One is that the allure of “Pokemon Go” wasn’t primarily its augmented reality. While the game’s digital monsters materialise as if in the real world, they don’t interact with it. A Snorlax might appear next to a tree, but the catlike creature won’t peek from behind it. Many players who took up hunting the monsters ended up turning off the augmented-reality feature.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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