A Power Outage In Silicon Valley Was Caused By A Drone Crash

An anonymous reader quotes the San Jose Mercury News:
A drone crashed into a high-voltage wire Thursday night, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage and knocking out power to roughly 1,600 people for about two hours, police said… “The FAA has rules and regulations in place to prevent this exact type of incident from happening,” said Mountain View police spokeswoman Katie Nelson. “We simply ask that people comply with the rules and that they operate drones safely and sensibly.”

The town’s city hall was without power — along with the rest of the 1,600 homes — prompting a Google software engineer to tweet that “drones are fun until someone flies one into high-voltage power lines.” They added later that “apparently the owner ‘fled in a white hatchback’, which is the least dignified way that someone can flee, I think.”

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